A Social Justice + Antiracism Education Firm
"Moving from listening + learning to ACTION + CHANGE."

What Do I Do?

McEachernSpeaks is a social justice + antiracism education firm founded to support offices, organizations, workplaces, schools, and more in an effort to create equitable spaces and innovate justice for individuals of color.
I aim to move people from "listening & learning" to ACTION & CHANGE.

I specialize in providing tailored, impactful experiences through:

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Action-Oriented Trainings
  • Critical Conversations +
  • Intensive Reviews

... aimed at leading your organization to analyze unjust systems & create just spaces.

NOTE: other workshops are available depending on your needs.
McEachernSpeaks works with your organization to create the most effective & efficient training plan that is personalized for your needs. I have brought my expertise to multiple campuses, organizations, students, and look forward to supporting individuals in your organization next! 

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Qy'Darrius Z. McEachern
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Phone - (910) 736-7545
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Don't Just Take It From Me... 

Q provided info about this topic in a approachable way that let any learner feel they could understand... The small groups session were really impactful, as well as the activity in the beginning which opened my eyes to the subject in a better way

- 2020 Leadership Institute Annual Conference Participant
"Qy’Darrius is an outstanding speaker that provides great insight into the issues of power, privilege, and how to identify microaggressions.  He affirmatively engages his audience and provides a positive environment to address challenging and difficult conversations.  Qy’Darrius has a charismatic presentation style that creates an environment which offers participants the space to freely ask questions and challenge their thought processes and learned behaviors."

- Assistant Dean of Students at Texas State University
"When leading workshops about microaggressions, Qy’Darrius broke down the subject in an informative and collaborative way. Whether or not we were new to the conversation, we each gained a deeper knowledge of microaggressions and the relationship between power and privilege. The constructive dynamic allowed for us to engage in meaningful discussion about these topics."

- President of The Texas State Strutters
Qy'Darrius presented this topic in a great way considering the virtual experience and he engaged his audience very well.

- Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Member
This presentation was outstanding. I appreciated the variety of learning tools that were used throughout. I especially appreciated the LARGE group discussion. This presentation needs to be a part of additional educational opportunities!

- Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Member
Q was so authentic and kind that when he spoke truth that might be difficult to swallow it resonated. I was impressed and inspired by his boldness to speak directly to the heart of issues. This made the entire presentation incredibly powerful and transformative.

- Anonymous Participant
"... his passion is CONTAGIOUS"
Qy'Darrius Z. McEachern

If you would like to set up a consultation for a McEachernSpeaks Experience, please email me at!